"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending"
- C.S. Lewis



If the death of your loved one is more recent, you are likely having some challenges in getting yourself going every day - right? Just doing small tasks around the house can seem like they take enormous amounts of energy and concentration.

If it has been a year or more since your loved one died, you may still be struggling with your grief. Sometimes the second year can feel worse than the first because the death of your loved one has now become a reality. You also may find other areas of your life feeling like they are going on a downward spiral, and you may not even recognize that these are symptoms from your unhealed grief.


Grief never goes away entirely. It can become less volatile and more manageable as time passes but your grieving can show up unexpectedly when you least expect it. You grieve because you love so deeply and finding healthy ways to use that immense love in your heart is the key to living a life that is worth living after the death of your loved one.


My coaching programs incorporate tools and exercises to help you rebuild your life through creating awareness and taking action that is designed to help you move forward in a way that works best specifically for you. 

I know that you can get off your rollercoaster of grief and step back onto stable ground. You will breathe more easily as you find peace and a life that is worth getting out of bed for each day.


Information coming soon!