The world needs people like YOU.

If we don’t assist those who are grieving deeply to acknowledge their sorrows and embrace 

their grief by giving it the time and attention it deserves, we deprive them of living a 

peaceful, happy, and purposeful life.


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The Confident
Grief Coach
Certification Program

I know that you are here because you have always had the heart to help others. You are willing to extend your help to grieving families to help turn their lives around and face this painful reality the way it deserves to be dealt with – with honor, understanding, and love.

This is why I am inviting you to access the first lesson for FREE to give you a background of the program, an overview of the course and a little taste for my teaching style.

Here’s what you’ll know after the first lesson:

The benefits of becoming a Certified Grief Coach

Provide your grieving clients the proper help and support they deserve as they experience the emotional and physical challenges that occur with bereavement.

The steps of the B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Coaching Model for Grief

The exact proven blueprint we use to help our clients move from despair to a life worth getting out of bed for each day after experiencing devastating losses.

The understanding of how to support your clients who have experienced different types of losses

While we are aware of its inevitability, we don’t always have the proper tools to deal with it.

“After my brother died, my parents coped with his loss by burying his memory along with his tiny body. We never talked about him. We never celebrated his life after his death. As a result, our home felt like it was enveloped with unspoken sadness.”

~ Pat Sheveland, Founder

Are you a psychologist, a life coach, or a professional who wants to be certified as a Grief Coach to improve your 
support system?
Do you want to live a purposeful life by helping someone find steadiness after a
devastating loss?

Do you want to confidently support and help someone learn to make peace with their grief and empower them to create the hope and happiness they never thought they could regain?

Be the support

someone needs today.

Why the world needs YOU

The pain of loss can be overwhelming.

It’s crippling. It’s all consuming. It crushes one’s core.

Unlike physical pain, emotional pain is not something others can see. Since we are the only ones who can feel it, a lot of times we choose to hide it and attempt to go on with our busy lives.

We feel the need to escape or expedite the grieving process expecting it will go away once we shift our focus on something else. We tuck the grief away in a tightly sealed box to avoid the heartbreak that comes with it.

However, grief due to loss is one of the few constants in this world. We may not invite it in, but it arrives anyway.

We will equip you with the necessary skills and a complete program to help your client find inner peace and the energy to move forward.

We will equip you with the necessary skills and a complete program to
help your client find inner peace
and the energy to move forward.

We believe it’s not the end for them.
Let us help you guide them to see life again with a renewed sense of  peace and purpose – allowing grief to co-exist with happiness and joy.

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