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The Confident Grief Coach’s “Prescription” for Transforming the Pain of Grief into Peace and Purpose

The Confident Grief Coach’s “Prescription” for

Transforming the Pain of Grief into Peace and Purpose

Are you...

  • A Life Coach or other helping professional looking for transformative ways to help your clients who are dealing with deep loss?

  • Ever at a loss on how to respond to someone who is in deep despair after the death of a loved one?

  • Are you an ICF certified coach looking for continuing education to up-level your practice by incorporating tried and true “grief” coaching strategies into your coaching relationships?

In this class, you will walk away with:

  • A strong understanding of the many faces of grief

  • Knowing how to assess if a client is ready for grief coaching

  • Ideas to collect, assess and evaluate your client’s emotional “barometer” and how engaged they are in core areas of their life

  • How to co-create a support system for your client that is structured in a unique and powerful way

  • Guiding principles to help your client create a vision with a timeline that supports the grief journey

  • Ideas for creating a “toolbox” of evidence-based integrative and complementary health interventions to decrease the risk of grief-based health challenges

  • Key concepts for re-framing the difficult emotions associated with grief

  • Understanding culturally diverse honoring practices

  • Clarity on how you can help your client create a life where PEACE and PURPOSE can co-exist with their grief


Patricia (Pat) Sheveland

Patricia (Pat) Sheveland RN, is a professionally certified life coach through the International Coaching Federation, a qigong teacher and mentor coach providing grief coaching certification for coaches and other helping professionals. Born to grieving parents, she brings a unique perspective to supporting her grieving clients in finding peace and purpose after deep loss. She is a certified funeral celebrant, and the three-time Amazon best-selling author of How Do I Survive? 7 Steps to Living After Child Loss, Living Life in The Middle: The Caregiver’s Guide to Healing, Hope and Harmony Through Multigenerational Living, and The Confident Grief Coach: A Guide for Helping Clients Process Loss. She and her family live in Minnesota